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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 17:30:42 -0700 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 20 - The Stage is Set-Gaymale -Highschool Reese and Me 20 - The Stage is Set June 4, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleWarning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 20 - The Stage is Set The hallway before me stretched on forever. I stood, almost trembling, in front of the clutter of students. Everyone was rushing to get wild preteens nude to their classes on time, and I was still paralyzed with my back to the door. It was the first day of school, my senior year. For Brian, it was a chance to start out fresh, get back into our routines. For me, going back to school meant facing old enemies, and old lovers. I'd managed to elude Alex for the entire summer, only spotting him once. We hadn't spoken, however, and I knew that he would be anxious to catch up with me. I dreaded seeing him, however there was someone else I knew I'd be seeing again. That person was Reese Pirelli. He'd returned to LA only two days earlier. I knew this because I'd happened to see him leaving to go out the previous Saturday evening. The sight almost sent me into shock. I immediately turned to the phone to call Chase. He came over, and we discussed it for hours. He was supposed to go to a house party that night, but he ditched all his friends to be with me. That evening's events were clear in my mind as I stood, unable to move in the St. Micheal's High School corridor. Chase entered through the back padio doors, not bothering to knock. Both my parents were out, so he was free to proceed into the basement rec room where I was seated on the long leather couch. preteenmodels bbs "Jake?" he called in a tender voice, "You alright?" He was the best friend anyone could ask for. He'd arrived at my house in a little under ten minutes. He reported that he'd ran most of the way. I couldn't believe it. "He's back," I told Chase, turning my head to watch his approach. A few months hadn't changed Chase. He was still tall, and hot as hell. He'd streaked his hair blonde recently, and it looked awesome. That evening, he was wearing big baggy blue jeans, and a plain white t-shirt. "Who's back?" he asked, dropping down into the couch right next to me. "Reese," I replied, turning to stare into his paralyzing eyes. "He's in town. I saw him leaving his house tonight. He didn't call." "Did you expect him to?" he asked, leaning in a little closer. The room was dark, with the only light coming from the TV. It created an intimate atmosphere that was beginning to affect the conversation between Chase and I. Although he and I had never been together, I felt closer to him than anyone else in my life. And, since Brian and I were no longer in a relationship, I wanted Chase badly. preteen models diapers But, as my emotions slowly caved in on me, I realized that I still wanted Reese gay preteens 3d as well. "Yeah," I began, choking on my words, "Well, no . . . I guess," I stuttered, still transfixed on Chase's eyes. "The last time you two talked, he officially called it off," Chase explained, as if I didn't know already. "Besides, you were going out with Brian at the time." He leaned in some more, and surprisingly, I didn't pull away. His love for me suddenly didn't make me uncomfortable anymore, and I submitted to his affections. He'd been hinting at this for a month, ever since Brian and I broke up, and now I was going to let him kiss me. "Wait," he said, pulling back, "You want me to kiss you?" preteen cash The fact that he asked me first, was so sweet. I couldn't hold it in anymore. There were some things that I had to say to him. Things that I'd been holding in for far too long. "Chase," I began, turning in the couch so that we were facing each other. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, going in close. I could feel a tear running down my cheek as I spoke, "I love you so much. And I've loved you for a long time. I've been so stupid!" It was no longer just one tear, now I was crying. "I love you, Chase," I repeated, going in for our first real kiss on the lips. I started out slow, inserting my tongue only when we were both ready. Then, the passion and love between us took over, and we began to make out in full force. I layed down on top of him, and we kissed intently. I drew away, sucking on his neck and face. My emotions were in control, and I couldn't stop myself. I made my way back to his mouth and stayed there. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed. Chase preteen models jpegs was speechless. I'd kept him waiting for so long. My hands were rubbing his back, chest and abdomen. His hands were right on the front of my pants, where a bulge was rapidly growing. I wasn't all that interrested in sex; I wanted to show him how much I loved him first. I massaged his tongue so tenderly, and he did the same for me, as we continued to make out. My body fluttered with energy and emotion. I wanted this so bad, and yet I still felt as though there was something missing. The hole Reese Pirelli had drilled into my heart was still there, and I knew that even Chase couldn't heal that wound. But, I loved him, just as I loved Reese, and Brian. What a complication, I thought as the kissing continued. I wondered how it had been possible for me to fall in love with so many people at one time. I'd always believed that you could only truly love one person, but it seemed like that was no longer true. I had a deep love for all three guys, and I didn't european preteen porn know how to sort things out with them all. I could only have one at one time, and now it seemed that Chase was next in line for a relationship. I pulled away from Chase momentarily to remove my sweater. My bare chest gleaming with sweat, I went back down and we shared another powerful kiss. I moved down to his neck again, kissing and licking his sweet-smelling skin. Chase smiled, trying to remove his shirt. I drew away again to allow him to pull his top off. We kissed briefly, afterwhich I began to make my way down his firm chest to his lowers. His crotch screamed for me to pull down his pants. His huge cock was almost breaking through the material. Suddenly quite eager to get it on, I began to stoke him through doctor cute preteen his pants. Chase uttured a sigh of pleasure as I worked his tool. I loved it, and it wasn't long before I was unbuttoning his jeans, pulling out his massive uncut cock. It was at least nine inches long, and of good thickness. I wanted to speak, but I was too taken by the moment. It was so special, because it was Chase. It wasn't someone I'd just met. This was a guy I loved, and had loved for a long time. And for those reasons, what we were doing, was making love. We were showing each other the extent of our feelings for each other. For a lengthy ten minutes, I layed down by Chase's genitals, giving him a hand-job. Slowly, but steadily, I worked my magic on his huge dick. GentIy, I pulled his foreskin up, and then brought it down again, until pre-cum began oozing down his long shaft and onto my hand. Chase was breathing harder and harder, loving it just as much as I was. After a few more minutes of whacking him off, I had to have that cock in my mouth. I moved so that I was ontop of his legs, and deap-throated his long, hard dick. He ran his fingers through my short hair, gripping the back of my head as the blowjob intensified. I went faster and faster, taking as much of his sexy tool into my mouth as possible. It didn't take long for Chase to reach orgasm, as it was most likely his first time. I felt his cock begin to throb in my mouth, and I knew it was coming. I went harder, and faster until he fired shot after shot of hot cum down my throat. His muscles relaxed once again, and I continued to suck him. We were gonna go for number two. I sucked Chase's dick with a passion. And I kept bobbing up and down, sucking hard on his throbbing knob until he blew his second load of jism into my mouth. He moaned with img board preteen pleasure, his body trembling under me. I took in a deep breath, licking the length of his shaft one more time. I looked down at my new-found lover to discover that he was exhausted. I sighed aloud and collapsed next to him on the couch. We held each other in the dark for the rest of the evening, saying preteen lotias showing everything that needed to be said.******** I was still paralyzed, standing before the mass of the student body. What was I going to do when I saw Reese? "Jake!" Chase called from somewhere ahead of me. I scanned the crowd, soon spotting him. "What up?!" he asked, making his way toward me. I waited until he was close enough so that I wouldn't have to scream. "Nothin' much," I replied, trying to smile. It was good to see him. "Why you just standing there?" he questioned, walking right up to me. He put a gentle hand on my shoulder. His fingers smouldered my skin, but even Chase's touch couldn't take my mind off Reese. "I was . . . preteen show I was waiting for you," I lied, staring into his eyes. He knew I was making it up. "What?" he asked, laughing. "Why you really standing here?" "I dunno," I replied, "I'm just . . . I'm nervous about seeing Reese again. Okay?" "Oh," Chase uttered, rubbing my shoulder. "Sorry." "It's alright." "I can imagine how you feel," he offered, gesturing for us to head up the hall, "Coming?" "Yeah," I said, fixing my school bag on my back. "What you doin' after school today?" he asked, obviously trying to change the subject. He knew that I still had deep feelings for Reese. He also knew that Reese had been, and still could be an obstacle in his pursuit of me. I myself, didn't know how I would react to seeing my old lover again. But, I did know that Chase and I were together, and I wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of that. "Not sure," I replied after a slight pause. As we walked, I was constantly looking around, watching for Alex and Reese. "Wanna come over for a bit?" he inquired, half-smiling. "Yeah," I models videos preteen told him, managing another little smile for him. "Cool." We reached my locker shortly afterward. The halls were nearly clear at that point. Most everyone had already made it to class. I guessed that was where Reese was as well. I quickly removed my light jacket, and closed my locker. "Ready?" I asked, turning back to Chase. "Yeah," he replied immediately, beginning down the long corridor. It was a short walk to my first class. I said a quick nn preteen xxs goodbye to Chase and nervously entered the Mathematics Lab. Could Reese be here? I thought, turning pitch red as I scanned the assortment of faces in the large room. "Is this going to be a regular thing with you, Mr. Moraine?" demanded the teacher, Mr. Luster. I was so caught up in my search through the class that I didn't notice the teacher was addressing me. "Mr. Moraine!" Luster cried furiously. Embarrassed, I turned around to see him in rapid approach, "Yeah?" I asked, oblivious to what he was so angered about. "Are you going to be late every day for the rest of the year?! And further more, will you be getting gallery fuck preteen your ears checked anytime soon?" preteen japan galleries I could have punched him! Know-it-all son of a bitch. "No," I replied in a dry tone, attempting to act naturally. It was difficult to hide my feelings, however. The class was an uproar of laughter. They were all my friends though, so I didn't care. I laughed with them and took a seat, having ascertained that neither Reese nor Alex were present. First period flew past at the speed of sound. And before I knew it, my first day of school was over. Had I spotted Reese, or Alex, or Brian? Nope. Was I glad? I wasn't so sure. In a way, I had to see them. Especially Reese. I had to know where things stood. I had colored pasts with both of them, and I needed clarification on the terms of our relationships. I wondered if there would be a repeat of the year before, and I would end up fighting with Alex every day. But then there was the possibility that he had gotten over the whole thing. I had no idea. And Reese. Would he even want to talk to me? Or would he be a changed man, turned straight by homophobic parents? I made my way back to my locker after last class, expecting to meet Chase there. I was surprised to see Brian standing with some friends nearby. "Hey," I greeted, smiling. We'd agreed to keep being friends after the break up. He still seemed to have the idea that we'd be getting back together eventually. And maybe we would, at some point. "Hey Jake," he replied, smiling back. He immediately made his way toward me. "What you doin' right now?" He asked his question with a low tone, implying something I didn't need him implying. "I got plans, Bri," I told him, feeling a little bad about having broken it off. He was a sweet guy, and I loved him, but the annoyances had begun to outweigh the good things. He'd started partying and smoking weed everyday of the week during the summer. I didn't see him more than twice over a period of two weeks before I finally called it off. Our last night together still hurt like hell. "Oh yeah?" he began, "Where you going?" God, he looked good. "Ummm . . . I'm going out with Chase." I was almost shaking. I didn't want him to get mad at me. And I wanted him to know that I still had feelings for him. "Aight," he said, beginning to withdraw. "Can I call you later tonight though?" "Yeah," I replied, smiling for him. "Okay, I'll talk to you later then." "K, later," I called after him. "Later!" he screamed, running to catch up with some buddies. I turned back to my locker to put preteen pics blowjob away my school books. I'd been lucky enough to dodge homework in all my classes, as was normally the case on the first day of school. "Jake," said a familiar voice. I whipped my head around to see Chase coming up behind me. "Hey." "What up?!" he cried, obviously in a pleasant mood. I couldn't remember ever seeing him in a foul mood. He was always happy. "I'm ready to go," I reported, closing my locker. "Well!" another familiar voice screamed, "Isn't this a blast from the past!" It was Alex. He was walking toward us, a pack of his running buddies behind him. My heart sank instantly. I was certain that we were both about to get our asses beat. ls preteen portals I stood, remaining silent as Alex and his posse continued toward us. Chase, enraged, assumed a position right next to me. If necessary, I knew he would try to defend me. "Jake! How the hell you doing buddy?!" Alex cried excitedly. I wasn't sure what he wanted from me, so preteen online dating I kept my mouth shut. "I asked you a fucking question!" he screamed, coming in closer. He was only about four feet away from us. "I'm doing alright, Alex. How are you?" I asked, acting friendly with a more than subtle bit of sarcasm in my voice. "If you think you're gonna stand there and have an attitude with me, think again." I realized that Alex had changed only very little. The only difference was that he was going to start trying to play the role of the tough guy with me. The tough guy with all the big friends. "Listen," I told him, "I don't have the fucken time for this shit." I began to make my way past them, when a set of hands sent me backwards into my pink top preteens locker. "What the fuck?!!!" I cried in a furious rage. "This is just a warning, Jake," Alex started to say, coming in even closer. "Watch your ass very carefully this year. I wouldn't want you to get hurt." He laughed a little, glancing back at his gang who giggled in response. Then they left, pushing past Chase, who was just as mad as I was. "Don't worry, Jake," said a flustered Chase, putting his hand on my shoulder again. "I have a feeling Alex won't be bothering you for very much longer." Perplexed, I stopped him as he began to make his way toward the rear exits. "What do you mean?" "Just that I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna put up with that fucken little punk for very long before I do something about it," he elaborated, flashing me a smile. "Don't do anything, Chase," I told him, gripping his arm with my right hand, "You have no idea what he's capable of." "He's Alex, Jake. I know exactly what he's capable of," he assured me, still grinning. He seemed intent on ending the long-stading conflict between Alex and I. I wasn't sure how successful such a campaign could be, especially since Alex always seemed to have twenty bodyguards around him. "Just stay the fuck out of it, Chase," I ordered with a blunt tone, moving past him for the doors. The stress of the day was catching up with me, and this had been the last straw. "Jake?!" cried Chase, jogging to catch up with me as I exited the building, heading in the direction of the Jeep. "I'm sorry! I just want to help." "Well, don't," I replied sex preteen 3d dryly. "Alex preteen nubile photos is my problem. And come to think of it, so is Reese, and Brian." Chase kept following me, remaining right behind me as we approached the Cherokee. He was silent for a long and uncomfortable minute. I was red with rage, and Chase was only making things natural model preteen worse. I understood preteens in nighties that he only wanted to help, but for some reason, I didn't want him to. I just needed him to stay out of it at that point. Things were complicated as it was. "Jake, wait," Chase said finally, just as I was about to climb into the Jeep. "What?" I asked, turning to face him. "I should go, I'm only gonna say something that I'll regret." "Weren't you gonna come over?" he asked in a tender preteens russian modles tone. For a solid ten seconds, I was seriously considering accepting that offer, but I realized that there were some things that needed my immediate attention. "I'll call you preteen preteenz models after supper, k?" I was still madly in love with him, but my mind had been clouded by a confused mess of twisted emotions. I didn't know what to do, or who to talk to about it all. Chase was the logical choice, but he was too close to the situation. And I couldn't be around him right then. bikini nn preteen "Alright," he complied, not looking too happy, "But Jake," he began, "I didn't mean to interfere in your life. preteen pics fuck I'm sorry." "It's okay, I just have to sort some things out right now. I'll call you." And with that, I turned back to the Jeep and jumped in. I glanced at Chase one final time, and started the engine. Sucking in a deep breath, I put it in gear and took off down the road for home. Suddenly, I felt terrible. What was I doing? I'd just abandonned Chase, having given him shit for trying to stick up for me. I hated myself. And I hated the fact that everything in my life was falling apart. Reese Pirelli, my one, first true love, who'd been ripped away from me so long ago, was back in town and he hadn't even attempted to talk to me. I realized that our relationship must have meant nothing to him anymore. Perhaps it never had, I thought, a tear coming to my eye. My life was such a mess. I was lost in a maze of feelings, and I had no idea how to get out. My anticipation grew with every passing second as I approached my house. I scanned Reese's driveway to see that all vehicles were present. More than likely, he was home. I didn't know what to do. I had to resolve this situation, but I knew that I'd never be able to knock on his door, or even call. I slowed to a crawl in the red Jeep, coming up on my driveway. Wiping away an unwelcome tear, I kept my eyes on Reese's house. Playing it over and over in my mind, I tried to decide what to do. The anticipation had built to the point that it felt like I had to do something in that instant, or else there would be no other preteen video long opportunity. I knew this wasn't the fact, since Reese was home for good. I sighed, giving up. I sped up and turned into my driveway, deciding to think about it further once I was inside. I was preteen boys legal so gutless, but could anyone blame me. I hadn't spoken with him in so long. I gallery preteen cgi needed to though, and I knew it. I exited the Jeep and began up the walk for the front door. I thought about calling Chase instead, and apologising. At least I knew that he loved me. I had no idea where I stood with Reese. It appeared, however, that he didn't want anything to do with me. Upon reaching the entrance, I took off my shoes in the front porch and made my way into the kitchen. I snatched the cordless off the base, and quickly ran up the stairs for my room. "Hi Jake!" cried my Dad from the living room. "Hey," I xpreteen girl models offered, continuing up the stairs. I was soon in my room with the door shut behind me. I took in a deep breath, dialing Chase's cell phone. At the same time, I approached the window, staring down at the house across the street. I wanted so badly for him to come out, so I could glimpse him again. It was funny, I was so terrified by the prospect of speaking with him, but I knew I had to eventually. In a way, I wanted to get it over with so I could get on with my life. "Hello?" answered Chase on his cell. "Hey Chase," I said, trying to disguise the sadness in my voice. "Jake," he began, "Are you okay, my man?" "Not really . . . Wanna go for a ride, then maybe a coffee?" I felt like going out, maybe putting things in perspective. "I thought you had to sort out some things." "I do. But, I don't know how yet." I was so confused, I didn't know what I was doing anymore. "Okay. I'm guessing you want some help?" Help. I'd just finished ragging him out for trying to do that. "Yeah, I guess. The thing is, I don't think I'd be able to talk to Reese if I tried. I just don't know what to say, or how to say it. And Brian's calling me later. I don't know preteen naked boys what to do about that either." I could just imagine how he must have felt. He was in love with a guy that was still caught up with two other guys. And plus, there's another guy around who wants to kill him. "You have a lot of problems, Jake," Chase remarked with a serious tone. "I don't know what to do either, but we'll get through all this, together." He was the best. "You have your Mom's car?" I asked. "No, she's at work." "K then, where are you?" "On Maple Street, by the park. Know where I'm talking about?" "Yeah," I replied, "I'll be there in a sec, k?" "Alright, cool," he said, "See you in a bit." "Yeah, bye." I hung up the cordless, heading out the door for the stairs.******** It was nearly eleven when Chase left. We'd ended up back at my place after a long ride around LA. We'd talked for hours, and as I stared up at the ceiling in my bedroom, things were much more clear in my mind. I wasn't as edgy as before, and I felt like I might actually be preteen hot free ready to talk to Reese again. I layed there on my bed, wondering whether or not I should call, when suddenly the phone rang. "Hello?" I said, having picked up the cordless. "Hey Jake." It was Brian. "What you doin'?" "Nothing, just laying here," I answered, "What are you up to?" "Jus' got in," he explained, sounding pleasant. "I was with Andrew and Lisa at the mall for a bit." "I see," I said, scratching at my eye brow. "Yeah," Brian began, "I miss hanging with you, Jake." "I think you miss somthing else," I told him, rather bluntly. I felt bad less than a second later. "Well . . . " He was speechless. I guessed he didn't want to say yes, because it yahoo preteens would make him look desperate. And he didn't want to say no, because he figured that it would ruin his chances of getting me back. "Anyways," I said, trying to change the subject. "Got plans this weekend?" "No, not really," he replied, "I heard there's a preteen pussy links few parties." "Oh yeah? Where?" "One at Charlie Gerrow's place. And somewhere down Pepper Road," he explained. "Cool," I said, considering making an appearance at one or both of them. "Sounds good." "Yeah," Brian agreed immediately. "Wanna come to one with me?" I figured he thought he might have a better chance at getting me back if we were intoxicated together at a party. I knew his intentions for me were good, however. preteen private pussy He loved me, and I still loved him back. "Maybe. Call me, or I guess I'll talk to you at school." "Yeah," he said in agreement. "Jake, how come we never talk?" he asked out of the blue. I considered my response. "I dunno. I think it's cuz we just broke things off, and we both have other things happening right now." I was trying to be as sensitive as I could, but I couldn't take my mind off my own many problems. "Yeah," he repeated, "Guess you're right. But, I want us to talk more, k?" "Sure," I complied, settling back into my pillow. "I want us to talk more too." I wasn't lying. "Alright, good," he began, "See you tomorrow at school." "K," I replied, preteen gils porn "Later, Bri." "Bye," he said, hanging up on his end. He was so sweet, at heart anyway. In that moment, I considered taking him free preteens thong back. Then, Chase and Reese both fluttered back into my mind. I shook my head, putting the phone down to rest again. I was suddenly very tired. I closed my eyes, envisioning Reese and I, back together.******** I woke up to the annoyance of my alarm clock. I dropped a heavy hand down on the snooze button, and closed my eyes again. The window was wide open, the warmth of the day reaching in. I smiled, realizing that it was going to be another scotcher. Taking in a deep breath of fresh air, I opened one eye a slit, glancing out at the new day. "Nice," I muttured to myself, managing to get myself into a sitting position on the side of the bed. I savoured the moment, sitting there by the window. I checked out my bed-head in the mirror directly across from me, smiling. Then, I turned back to the window. I watched Reese's house for a long two minutes, witnessing no movement. I wondered if he was awake or not. Finally I sighed, rising to my feet to gather some clothes for the day at school. I reached the shower shortly afterward. I jumped into the spray of hot water, and after washing up, I got dressed and headed downstairs for the kitchen. Not surprisingly, both my parents were there, waiting for me. However, instead of smiles to greet me on that beautiful morning, I got the most grim looks I've ever seen from my parents. I was instantly curious as to the cause of their bleak appearance. "What's wrong?" escaped from my mouth. I stood in the doorway to the kitchen, examining my parents, who were both seated at the table in front of me. "Jake, there's something that we have to discuss," my father replied, gesturing for me to have a seat across from them at the table. Immediately, I knew it was going to kiddy preteen pic be bad. I almost didn't want to have to hear what they had to say. However, grudgingly, I made my way toward the kitchen table and dropped down into one of the small wooden chairs. "What is it?" I demanded, in such suspence. "Jake," began my dad, having a hard time already. "I don't know how to say this." He started to break up, a tear forming in his left eye. "Jake, you remember the biopsy?" my mom asked, cutting in. I could tell that she was upset as well, just not as emotional as my father had become. "Yeah, but that was like a month ago," I replied, realizing what this was about. A month and a half earlier, I'd had a panoramic x-ray done on my head at the dentist's office. It was completely routine, however Dr. Polan, upon examination of the x-ray, found that I had a small cyst in my head. We'd made an appointment to get a biopsy, but hadn't heard anything about the results. Until now. "Well . . . " she broke off, choking on her words, "The preteen artistic modeling results came back to us early this morning. The cyst is cancerous." I couldn't believe what she was telling me. In that moment, it seemed that my entire world fell apart. Everything that I thought mattered, and was worth stressing over, suddenly wasn't important anymore. I sat there, gazing dazzedly at my parents, who were both crying. "I have a brain tumour?" I inquired, not even sure if I understood what I was asking. "Yes!" my mom cried between tears. It was obvious that they couldn't hold it together, so I got up from my seat and walked around the table to join them. I knew that I was the one who needed the comforting, but I was still too confused to care. I wrapped my arms around both of my parents, and thought hard about the news I'd just recieved. Where do I go from here? I asked myself, considering the mess I'd been in before that morning's news. I wondered about it all, and decided that I would just concentrate on accepting my tumour, and trying to come to terms with it. "Am I gonna die?" I asked, becoming frantic. "We don't know," answered my mom, still bawling. "No!" cried my father, gripping my shoulder tight. He glarred at me with suffering eyes, "You're not going to die! I won't let you! I promise you that!" I took some comfort in his words, however I knew that he was just trying to preserve whatever hope I might have had. I knew what having a tumour meant. I knew that most likely, I was going to die. Sooner, not later.******** I sat in the Jeep, having arrived in front of my house. I'd just spent the better part of the afternoon, driving around, trying to collect myself. I figured that I'd come to terms with my situation, more of less. I realized that my doctors would still have to perform more tests in order to calculate my prognosis. However, it was pretty clear to me that I had a serious problem. If sugery wasn't an option, then there would be very little that could be done for me. I found it preteen mode picture hard to believe that the instrument of my future doom, was hiding in my own body. Next to my brain, no less. There was something else that I'd realized. I had to tie up all the loose ends in my life before the inevitable occured. I was about to face the greatest challenge of my life, in the middle of a preteen galliers huge crisis that had been weighing on my mind for months. I had to clear things up with Reese, Chase, and Brian. I had to set things right, the best I could. I sat, continuing to stare out at Reese's home. This was it, I was going to knock on his door, and face him for the first time in months. bbs preteen sun I didn't know how I was going to react, but the bottom line was that I had to react. I had to face him, and get everything off my chest. Then, I would be free to fight my cancer. Slowly, I stepped out of the Jeep and into the mild darkness of the street. There was a light rain as I proceeded across the road for the front door. My gut was filled with butterflies as I imagined what it would be like when I saw him again. I couldn't wait to tell him all the things that I'd been keeping locked inside for so long. I soon arrived in front of the door. I took in a deep breath, building up the last bit of courage that I needed to knock on the door. I raised my fist, and slowly brought it down on the door. I took a step back, realizing that I preteen magacine sex was trembling. Attempting to stabilize myself, I stood waiting for an answer. Less than ten seconds later, it came. The door swung open in front of me, revealing my love, my lost lover, my soul-mate, Reese Pirelli. His hair was still jet black, styled the same as so long ago. He seemed to be the same height, and everything else about him was the same. He was the same Reese Pirelli that he'd been preteen string models the last time I'd held him tight in my arms. "Reese," slipped out of my mouth. He stood there in the doorway, just as shocked as I was. "I had to come over," I tried to explain, still visibly trembling. "Good to see you," he said politely. I suspected that it was a little too polite. He was most likely feeling just as uncomfortable as I was. "Yeah, you too," I replied, taking a step toward him. He didn't back away, which was good. He stared bb preteens into my eyes, still appearing surprised. However, there was something else there. To some extent, he was feeling the hurt of our separation as well. "What are you doing?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from cracking. I was surged with emotion, just at the sight of him. I was so in love. "Nothing right now," he answered, taking a half-step forward. "You?" "Nothing, I just have to talk to you about some stuff. Stuff that I've had to say for a long time." I could feel more tears on the way, but I held them back. "K," he said, suddenly looking concerned, "Just let me get my shoes." I nodded, and stepped back to allow him to get ready. He re-appeared in the door a couple seconds later. I couldn't believe how 15yr old preteen easy little preteen com this had been. I guessed that he could see how serious it was. "I haven't seen you around school," Reese remarked, following close behind me as we made our way toward the Jeep. "I went yesterday, but not today," I explained, opening the driver's side door of the Cherokee. "Why not t'day?" he inquired, hopping in the passenger side. "Cuz I didn't really feel like it after the news I got this morning." I couldn't hold in the tears anymore. As I pulled away from the curb, beginning down the road, I started to cry. "What is it?" There was so much dread and absolute despair in his voice, it scared me. He knew now the extent of all this. "I have a brain tumour," I said straight out, "Reese, I'm gonna die." He couldn't say anything. He just sat there in the passenger seat, watching me cry. I drove, all teary-eyed for another few yards, before Reese ordered me to pull-over. "Stop the Jeep!" he cried with so much emotion in his voice. Confused, I stopped the Cherokee on the side of the street, immediately turning to Reese next to me. Before I knew what was going on, he'd exited the vehicle and was headed away from me. It was my instant reaction to begin crying even harder. I couldn't let this happen. I jumped out of the Jeep, pursuing Reese down the dimly-lit street. "Reese!" I screamed, crying in full force. "Reese! Please don't do this!" He kept walking, not even turning around. I couldn't take it, finally collapsing on the wet pavement. "Reese!" I cried again, tears streaming down my face. He turned around a second later, realizing that he couldn't leave me. He saw me on the ground, and immediately ran back for me. At that point, through all my own crying, I saw that he too was weeping. He was just as upset as I was. "Jake!" he cried, hitting the street in front of me. He wrapped his arms around me, "I'm sorry! I can't deal . . . " "I love you so much!" I screamed, squeezing him tight. "I love you preteens nude nipples too!" We kissed briefly, and it was the most amazing feeling I'd ever experienced. It was Reese. After everything that had happened, we were hugging each other, and kissing. "I'm so sorry!" he cried, holding me tight. "Why'd you walk away?!" I demanded all of a sudden, still crying. "I don't know," he replied, his mouth to my ear. "I just blog preteen pervert can't deal with this sometimes." "You love me?" I asked, finally responding to his declaration. "Of course I do!" he said, beginning to calm down. He continued to squeeze me, holding on like there was no tomorrow. "Why'd you dump me then?!" I demanded. These were the things that I'd needed to discuss with him in the first place, although I'd imagined that we'd be doing it under different circumstances, and in a different setting. "I don't know," he said, feeling me all over. hongkong preteen It was rapidly becoming sexual, which I didn't have a problem with, so I tried to get up off the street. I needed to be with him, but not there, on the pavement and in the rain. The preteen pussy pic thought of us making love again energized me, and we slowly began back toward the Jeep. We kissed passionately, our hands exploring each other's bodies as we walked. Chase and Brian were the last things on my mind as I resolved to head home with Reese to make love to him.******** Reese and I entered my bedroom, still kissing. I was quick to shut and lock the door behind us before we stepped over to the bed. Everything felt right as korean preteen porn we lowered ourselves onto the covers. I'd forgotten all my problems as we began to celebrate our love for each other. I realized that Reese had preteens nude ass broken it off between us because he couldn't handle being so far away, and because his family wasn't comfortable with his choice of sexuality. He was still as in love with me, as I was with him. I gripped the preteen xtreme back of his shirt, still locked in a passionate embrace. Panting, we moved to kiss each other's necks. Slowly, as my hands rubbed his back and ass, I moved down his chest. He let out a loud sigh, closing his eyes with his chin up. He was really going to enjoy this. And so was I. Putting vicky model preteen my hands up the front of his shirt, I felt all over his abs and chest. Next, I shoved my entire head up there, kissing and licking his skin. I pushed him onto his back on the bed. On top of him, I ripped away his shirt. Smiling after another brief kiss, I worked his cock through his pants. Visibly in heaven, Reese tossed his head back, sighing and moaning. Breathing harder, I unbuttoned his pants, and took his long un-circumsized cock into my mouth. It felt so good to do it to Reese again. I loved the way he tasted. It wasn't long before Reese wanted me in his mouth. We got into a position so we could suck each other at the same time. I was still ontop, and I continued to blow him off until we'd both shot our loads several times. I took in a deep breath, sweat-covered. Slowly regaining my composure after my third orgasm, I got off of him. I assumed a position next to him on the bed. We were completely naked, holding each other ontop of soaking wet sheets. I hoped that when I got to heaven, it would be something like that. Reese turned to me, staring deep into my eyes, "So what does this mean for us?" That was a good question. In that moment, I realized that I was in a relationship with Chase. I'd just cheated on him, and I felt terrible. But the void that regret had suddenly inposed was filled with the knowledge that Reese was still in love with me, and that things could work out between us. I knew, that more than likely, I didn't have a lot of time. However, I wanted to use that time to do the things that I really wanted to. And I wanted to be with Reese, badly. "I'm not sure," I replied with a soft tone, running my fingers through his sweat-soaked black hair. "What do you want to do?" "I wanna be together again," he answered quite frankly. He sniffled a little, shifting positions. "But you don't have a long time, do you?" best photos preteen I could tell that he'd placed that question as carefully as he could, so I wasn't hurt by it. "I don't know yet, Reese. There's still lots of tests." "Yeah," he said, "There's still hope then." He smiled, "You could continue to live a completely normal life, Jake. People survive brain tumours." "And a lot of people die of them too," I pointed out. My intention wasn't to be pessimistic, I just needed to face the reality of the situation. If I blinded myself with notions of hope, I wouldn't be able to deal with eventual death later on. Reese sighed loudly, rubbing my arm. "I love you," he told me, suddenly petit mero preteen with a lot of hurt in his voice. "And I'm sorry for everything I put you through." A tear began to form in his left eye. I was so touched that a similar reaction occured in me. "Reese," I began, moving in even closer to him, "You're the best thing that ever happened to me. You tought me about love, and sacrifice, and passion. And I love you more than anything. I always have, and I always will." At that point, we were both bawling again. I curled myself up against him and we let it all out. We unloaded baggage we'd been forced to carry around with us for months. The subsequent feeling was unprecendented. Reese and I were back together, and this time it was until death would seperate us.******** A week away from school had left me well rested. By Friday evening, I was ready for some partying. sissy preteen pictures Reese had agreed to go out later that night, after he was done helping his dad with free picspreteen modles something at home. Brian and Chase were planning on attending the party on Pepper road, a remote area outside the city. I wasn't sure if I wanted to head out to that one, because it would mean having to face them all at boy preteen nude the same time. But I knew that I still had preteen sex gallery to sort things out, and this would more than likely be a good way to do it. In preparation for the party, I had a quick shower and got dressed. I decided to wear my best party clothes. I had a pair of khaki cargo pants that I really liked, with a red and white t-shirt. I spiked my short hair, which was blonde streaked, and adorned my silver medalion for good luck. I stood in front of the mirror, applying deodorant. I took in a deep breath, considering my options. Everything seemed to be moving so fast, and I didn't know exactly how to handle it. How would I tell Chase and Brian that I had a tumour? And more importantly, how would I tell them that I was back with Reese? I knew Chase was going to be heart-broken, but I wasn't sure how Brian would react. Furthermore, I was sure that I'd be breaking into tears as well. That was one of the reasons that I wanted to bring Reese with me. And what about Alex? He could be making an appearance, I thought, considering the likely size of the event. Alex was just as big a party-goer as I was, so I figured that he'd be there. I didn't want to see him, though. I once again considered not going. I just couldn't be sure that the whole thing wouldn't turn into a bloodbath, especially with Alex around. I straightened in the mirror, staring myself down. In that moment, I committed to attending the party. I had to, in so many ways. I needed to sort everything out, once and for all. And, no one, not even Alex was going to stand in the way. preteen stories xn I had time to watch a half-hour of TV before Reese showed up. He walked in, considering that my parents weren't home, and joined me in the basement. He looked great. He was wearing olive preteens sex vidoes green cargos with a white and green long-sleeve shirt. Things had returned to normal, I thought to myself, watching him approach the couch. I had my man back, my original love. Things still felt a little weird, however. The circumstances of our relationship were quite different than before. We both knew that had I remained healthy and avoided cancer, we wouldn't be together. We would have continued the way we were before, with Reese denying his love for me, and me not able to even talk to him. "Hey," he said, having a seat right next to me. All of a sudden, this reminded me of Chase's visit to my place a week earlier. I was filled with intense regret, desperately trying to get those thoughts out of my head so I could concentrate on Reese. "Hi," I said, putting my right hand on his leg. I decided that I wanted a little action before we got going. Reese returned my affections, giving my hand a squeeze, and with his other hand, touching my neck. I glarred at his cute face for a few seconds, and then leaned in to kiss him. Reese immediately moved my hand from his leg into his crotch. I teased his rising cock as we continued to kiss. Suddenly, he pulled away, "We are going out, right?" "Course," I replied, "In a bit." I smiled, going in to suck nymphet model preteen on his neck. Reese just sat back and let me mount him. I went up the front of his shirt, kissing and licking all over the place. And by the time I went back up to his face, we were both completely erect. I took in a angels preteens links deep breath, getting even closer to him. Our dicks slid against each other, producing a pleasurable sensation. We both smiled and continued to make out, with me in control. "Jake," Reese began to say, pulling away from me momentarily, "We have to talk about something." "Sure," I said in compliance, dismounting him. I sat back in the couch next to him. "What is it?" Reese proceeded to clear his throat, and turn to look me in the eyes. I could tell that whatever he wanted to talk about was important. "What you planning on doing about Chase? And Brian for that matter?" I was kind of surprised that he was asking me about this. I knew that if I had been in his position, I would be worried about it too. But Reese never really underground preteen porn talked about what was bothering him. I figured that this was important enough for him to need to bring it up. "I'm gonna have to talk to them both tonight at the party. If the timing's good." I cute preteen dresses grabbed his hand, "I'm gonna sort preteen pantie spreads all this shit out, Reese. Don't worry about it." "But, you don't think Chase is gonna be a little upset about you and me?" he asked, reaching down his pants to adjust his dick. "Yeah, but I can't make it my priority to keep everyone happy. I'm the one who's most likely gonna die." I could see him getting instantly upset. "I have to worry about myself first." Reese sniffled, "Yeah," he said, turning away for a moment. He appeared to be thinking about something for a long minute, afterwhich he turned back to me. "You're right, but you should still try to make this whole thing go down well. Chase and Brian probably love you just as much as I do, and I know how I felt when you cheated on me." I was completely shocked. I swear, I turned white, facing away from him for a minute. Attempting to regain my composure, I wondered what I should say to him. I still just couldn't believe that he'd brought that up. I had been wrong when I cheated on Reese with Alex. I had been wrong when I cheated on Chase with Reese. But, for him to bring that up and throw it right in my face was uncalled for when it came to Reese. He'd never pulled anything like that with me before. Nevertheless, I felt like a preteen admin bbs no-good terd for a lengthy five minutes of silence between us. "Sorry," uttered Reese after lots of figiting. "No, it's ok," I said, "I'm a terrible person." I knew I was feeling sorry for myself, but at that point, I didn't care. Reese sighed aloud, "I didn't mean to say that." That was Reese, always saying the wrong thing. "I'm really sorry, Jake." He grabbed my shoulder, spinning me around to face him again. "Jake, you have to listen to me," he said with more than a little desperation in his voice. "What?" I demanded, beginning to get angered. "I'm so in love with you, and considering that we don't have a lot of time left, I need you to realize that. I didn't mean to say it like that. Please don't be mad at me. Please!" One tear began to make it's way down his cheek. I realized that we were both stepping on egg shells. This whole situation was just too stressful. Tenderly, I touched the side of his face, "It's ok, Reese. Really, it's ok." I leaned in and kissed him. "We should probably get going. Let's get this over with." Reese rose from the couch with me, and we proceeded to head up the stairs for our shoes. I could tell he still felt terrible for what he'd said, and in a way, that made me feel good. It showed how deep his love for me really went. I knew as we exited the house for the dark night, Reese would be behind me, whatever happened.******** We pulled up to the tall, swarthy house on the obscure Pepper road. preteen latina models I parked the Jeep with the dozen other vehicles present on either side of the dirt road. Reese and I exchanged looks before exiting the Cherokee. Suddenly, I wasn't so sure that a confrontation out here would be a good idea. Considering how isolated the house was, real pics preteen I figured it would take quite some time for authorities to arrive in an emergency. If Alex was present at the party, and he had a bunch of his friends with him, Reese and I may be in some trouble. I sighed a little, glancing back at Reese as we began toward the old house. I realized very quickly that I was quivering. preteens nude resume Disappointed with myself, I shook the fear away. I continued for the party, trying to relax. I turned to Reese, "What if something happens?" I asked, my face revealing the fear. "Then we'll deal with it," he answered confidently. "Don't worry about it." "K," I said, turning back to the house. The home itself appeared to be very old, and very large. There were people standing on the massive front porch, and even on the lawn. I recognized a lot of them; most were from my school. I began to feel better with that reassurance. As we approached the first group of people, I told myself that everything preteen cunt young would be fine. "Hey guys," greeted Rob Lewis, a guy in one of my morning classes. "Hey," I returned, continuing toward the house. "Hey," Reese said as well, following right behind me. I could tell that there were a lot of people at this party. Beyond the front windows, the rooms were packed with bodies. Everyone was drinking, or smoking up, and basically having a great time. I decided right then that I would atleast try to have fun at this party. I knew I needed to take care of some urgent business, however I could always have a few drinks and socialize with friends. We entered the house, making our way past a large group of girls. Stopping in the middle of the foyer, I took in a deep breath, scanning the clutter of people before me. Reese was right next to me. "See anyone?" he asked, looking around. "No, not the people I'm looking for." "I'll check around on the second floor. You check around here, k?" he said, organizing a search party for Chase and Brian. I wasn't thrilled that we were seperating, but I agreed to his terms, "Alright." Reese then turned and headed for the master-staircase. Left alone, I took a few steps, continuing to scan the crowd of teenagers. I saw lots of people I knew. I had a quick conversation with Meghan and Kirk Dube, before making my way into the large living room. There, I quickly spotted Brian. He was seated with a few buds on one of the couches. I immediately began toward him. It didn't take him long to notice me. "Jake!" he cried, shooting up from the couch to meet me half-way. "Hey, Bri," I said, my mood already getting brighter. "What's up?" "Notten much," he replied, smiling, "Just waiting for you." He came in excessively close to talk to me. I understood that the music was loud, but he was still too close. I pulled away a little, "I just got here." "Oh yeah. Hey, you want a beer?" he asked joyfully, gesturing to the case of Bud in front of the couch. "I got lots. People keep stealing 'em, but I'd love to give you one." "Sure," I said, grabbing a bottle out of the case. I snapped it open and had a sip. "You seen Chase?" "Yeah, he's here," legal preteen nonude he replied, still smiling. "Hey, you okay?" Obviously, he'd noticed that something was wrong. I hadn't realized that he knew me that well. "Yeah," I answered immediately, "But there's something that we have to talk about." maxwells preteens models "Me and you?" "No, me you and your mother," I replied jokingly. Surprisingly, I managed a little laugh. "Haha," Brian retorted sarcastically. "What is it?" "It's really important," I explained, grabbing his arm so that I could speak into his ear. "It's not something that preteenz galery we can talk about here in front of everyone." "Oh," he said, "Okay, let's go for a walk," he suggested, making a gesture to the foyer behind me. I considered his suggestion, taking into account that Reese wouldn't be able to find me if I went outside. I ended up deciding to go ahead, figuring that we wouldn't be that long anyway. "K, let's fuckin' go then." A minute later, Brian and I were headed back down the dirt road/parking lot. He was looking really good that night. Wearing a pair of huge blue jeans, he was sporting a big jersey-type shirt. His hair was plain, and quite short. He was so gorgeous. It wasn't a wonder how I ended up going out with him. After a couple of moments of silence, I spoke, "How you been doin' lately, Bri?" "Good, you?" he replied, smiling for me again. "Not bad, I guess," I told him, trying to be pleasant. I had so many things on my mind however, that it was almost impossible. "I found something out a few days ago, though." "What's that?" he asked instantly. I could see that he knew how serious this was. "Ummm . . . " I stuttered, getting caught up in my emotions again. "I have a hegre archive preteen tumour, a brain tumour." Brian stopped dead in his tracks, staring at me in utter disbelief. There was so much shock and horror in his eyes that there wasn't any room for sadness. "What?" escaped from his mouth finally. "I have a brain tumour, tanya model preteen and they don't know how long I have to live," I explained, fighting back the tears. Brian could say no more. He walked up and wrapped his arms around me. I let him. I was suddenly reminded of how much I cared for him. "Brian," I said, pulling away to face him. "I want you to know that I love you." "I love you too," he replied immediately, beginning to cry. He came in close, expecting a kiss. I almost submitted to him, but at the last second, I withdrew. I couldn't do that to Reese again, no matter how I felt. "Brian, I can't," I told him, getting caught up in the moment as well, "I'm with Reese now." "Oh," he said, looking terribly upset. "I'm sorry." "It's ok," I said. "I still love you. I wish I could have all three of you, but I can't, can I?" "I guess not," he muttered, still in utter shock. "You can't be dying!" he cried all of a sudden. "I hope I'm not," I told him, "But preteend nude gallery it's a tumour, you can't predict what will happen." Brian said nothing else, he just wrapped his arms around me again. We held each other tight for a long time, just standing there in the middle of the deserted and dark dirt road. He cried and cried, his tears being absorbed by the back of my shirt. It was my horny preteen a very special moment for me. That was the reason I'd gone to the party. To wrap up all this unfinished business. And to end my relationships with those I loved in the best possible way. Brian and I arrived back at the house a few minutes later. There, standing in the center of the foyer, was Reese. Next to him, was Chase. He'd found him. I decided that I should talk to him immediately, but without Brian present. Brian and I approached Reese and Chase, "Hey," I greeted, giving Reese a side-glance. He understood that I'd told Brian, and everything was cool. "Hey, Jake," Chase replied, smiling. "Reese said you need to talk to me?" "Yeah," I said, turning to Brian, "Umm . . . Bri, I'll come find you after, alright?" "Sure," he said, still visibly distraught. "I'll be in the living room." "K," I answered, turning back to Chase. "We need to talk about something, alone." "Okay," he agreed, obviously curious as to what was so important. I knew he was going to be devasted when he found out. "Reese, where you gonna be?" I asked him, suspecting that I might lose him in the roaring crowd of teenagers. "Just in the kitchen, k?" he said, managing a slight smile. "Ok, I'll meet you in there in a couple." With that, Chase and I preteen schoolgirl uniform began up the stairs for a more private area. I didn't really want to go back outside. Chase lead the way into the dimly lit hallway upstairs. The tight corrior was packed with groups of people. The scent of marijuana hit my nostrils. I took a big whif, noticing a joint going around in a group next to us. I set my mind back on my problems and continued following Chase. He peered into several rooms, finally entering one near the end of the hallway. "Here's good," he suggested, glancing back at me. "Ok," I agreed, entering the room behind Chase. I closed and locked the door after we were both inside. Then I turned back to Chase, readying myself. "What's all this about, Jake?" he asked, coming up to me for a kiss. I pulled away, as before with Brian. Chase was so sweet and caring that I just wanted to let him kiss me, but I couldn't. "What's the matter?" "I have to tell you something, and I know you're preteen natrialist not gonna take it well," I began, tensing up. "Fuck off," he cried all of a sudden, "You're back with Brian, aren't you?!" He raised an accusatory finger in my direction. "No, but . . . " I stuttered, trying to get it out as fast as possible, "I'm back with Reese." Chase balled up a fist and threw it into the air in front of him. He turned away from me, beginning to pace back and forth. I'd never seen him so mad before. "What the fuck, Jake? You can't keep it in your pants?! I was wondering why the fuck you didn't called me all week!" "I'm sorry, Chase," I said, "But I'm in love with him." "I thought you loved me!" he screamed in anger. "I mean, I thought you and me had something," he cried, all of a sudden beginning to cry. I wondered how much more crying I could take. It seemed like that was all I did. And now, I was making other people do it, too. "I do love you," I told him, "But, I need to be with Reese now. I have cancer, Chase." He froze, "What?!" "I have a brain tumour, and I'm not sure how long I have." I was getting emotional again. "No," he cried, "You can't have cancer! You can't die!" Panicked, he paced faster. bbs horny preteen "I have cancer, Chase," I repeated, trying to make it sink in. "I don't know for sure if I'm gonna die." preteen masturbating girls Chase was in disbelief, and feeling so many different things at the same time that he didn't know what to say. I knew I was going to end up doing something I didn't want to do if I stayed there with him, so I turned to leave. "I'm gonna go back downstairs." Chase was still speechless. He'd stopped pacing, finally, preteen cum slut and was standing there staring at me. "I'm sorry," I said, opening the door to step into the hallway. Quickly, I made my way back down the long corridor for the stairs. I'd taken care of what I needed to. If we both felt like it, Reese and I could leave. Just as long as I didn't run into Alex on the way to find him, I would be fine. I felt terrible about what I'd done to Chase. He'd waited so long to have me, and now I was turning my back on him again. It was unfair. And I felt like the worst person in the world. Who could do that to someone? Me, I guess. I just wanted to shoot myself as I reached the first floor. I crossed the crowded foyer to enter the kitchen. I saw Reese right away. Leaning against the kitchen's large island, he appeared to be waiting for me. As I took my second step into the room, he spotted me. His face revealed a mixture underage preteens boys of relief and concern. It was an odd combination, and I guessed that Reese would more than likely opt to leave the party immediately. I would have no objection. "Hey," I said, approaching him. "Jake," Reese began, walking toward me. "Alex is here. I just saw him. He's asking everyone if they know where you are." "Shit," I muttered aloud. I turned and look all around me. Alex was not to be found in the kitchen, and I knew that he wasn't in the foyer. I turned back to Reese, "K, let's go back this way. I really don't feel like seeing him tonight." "Yeah," Reese agreed, beginning for the exit. I could feel my body tensing up as I scanned the crowds of people for my nemesis. I felt relieved as Reese and I approached the front door. I still hadn't seen Alex, so I figured that we were safe. It was then when I felt two powerful hands grip the back of my sweater and toss me forward into the foyer wall. Caught off guard, I was helplessly catapulted into the hard wall. After my chest and face had absorbed the impact, I slipped down the wall to the floor. Embarrassed, and enraged, I struggled to get up and face my attacker. I was not surprised to see that it was Alex. Before I'd even got my bearings, Reese was in all-out attack mode. He grabbed Alex by the front of his shirt and pushed him back into the stairway railing. Alex let out a yelp, quickly defending himself. As the crowd of cheering teenagers looked on, Alex threw two punches into Reese's face. My man, visibly hurt, stumbled back, losing his grasp on Alex's shirt. Clentching my teeth in anger, I shot up to my feet and jumped on Alex. I hadn't wanted a fight that night, but now Alex would have one. If that was what he really wanted, he would get it. "You mother fucker!" I cried in rage, knocking him on his ass. Instantly